Wallace Sword Kilt Pin

Wallace Sword Kilt Pin

Weighs 30g
98 x 38mm (height x width)

Stunning Wallace Sword Kilt Pin all handmade from Pewter. Comes complete in a box, a lovely gift for any Kilt Enthusiast.

Kilt pins are, quite simply, pins used on the lower front apron of kilts. Though popular now, kilt pins are a relatively recent addition to kilt attire. Folklore suggests usage began in the Victorian era, and provides one with a delightful anecdote on its origins. During a visit to Balmoral Castle, Queen Victoria inspected the famed Douglas Highlanders, a regiment noted for its bravery. The wind blew fierce and one young soldier encountered great difficulty holding his position. Kilts are frequently worn without undergarments and the queen noticed the soldier's struggle to appear modest and yet stand still. Taking a brooch from her own clothing, she kindly pinned the soldier's kilt.



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