Water Ewer

Water Ewer

Beautiful Water Ewer design from the 16th Century
Displayed in the Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace
Extremely unique item
Highly polished Water Ewer is handmade by skillful craftsmen 
Weighs 1.8kg

Design is based around the early 16th Century period, and can be seen in Tapestries around Hampton Court Palace.To celebrate the 500th anniversary of King Henry VIII Accession to the throne, this jewer was commissioned by Hampton Court Palace, to be displayed on the top table in the great hall where King Henry VIII would have sat. This is an extremly unique item, and there will only be a few made worldwide. For the person that has everything, you dont have one of these.

Please note that this Ewer may take up to two weeks delivery. This is due to the jug being highly labour intensive and having to be hand made from start to finish, from Bronze moulds dating as far back as 1710.

Watch This Being Made, Click On The Following Link.



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